At 3rd Wind Network ®, LLC, we believe that surviving a long life is grand, but leading a robust life is divine. We inspire adults to do just that by elevating their retirement experience. 3rd Wind Network transitions the recently retired into a new lifestyle full of vibrancy and engagement. We offer classes, events and excursions focused on personal growth and social connection using creative and wellness outlets, to neighborhoods in the northeast Bronx and southern Westchester.

Join 3rd Wind Network and retire to a lifestyle of refreshing exploration and refire the life force resting dormant within.


The 3rd Wind Network philosophy is inspired by Abraham Maslow's theory of human development (Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs), in which patterns of growth are organized into five stages, as depicted in the image to the left.  Whereas, the ultimate goal, achieving self-actualization, is only met once the needs of the previous stages are satisfied.  


At 3WN our goal is to assist participants in advancing through the stages, principally focused on the upper three - belonging, esteem and self-actualization, during retirement when the potential for development is optimal.  By providing members with opportunities for personal growth in a group setting within the local community, 3WN is making retirement as integral and exciting a life stage as any other.


Noelle Minter founded 3rd Wind Network in 2016.  As Assistant Director at ReServe NY, one of the nation's pioneers in post-retirement employment, Noelle was exposed to the social and intellectual desires of the Baby Boomer generation.  After a decade working in the aging services industry she was called to action based on the disconnect between the sophisticated needs of modern retirees and the outdated services and programs dedicated to their wellness. 


The daughter of an educator, Noelle has always carried a hunger for new information, seeking out opportunities to learn and grow through exchanges with others.  Noelle has traveled extensively, most notably spending time exploring South America, Western Europe, Asia and the Caribbean.  Encountering new cultures and approaches to life, Noelle infuses a sense of adventure and camaraderie into all facets of her life.


Noelle is a native and still resident of the Bronx, NY.  She holds a Bachelors degree in Sociology from Northeastern University, a Certificate of Aging from the Brookdale Center for Healthy Aging and Longevity, is a National Urban Fellow and holds a Masters of Public Administration from City University New York- Baruch College. 



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Raynetta Samuels, PT, DPT, CLT is a women's health physical therapist with over ten years of experience treating patients in New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, and Florida. She received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Miami and has dedicated her career to helping women heal. She works with women of all ages throughout all the major phases of their lives. In recent years she has been drawn to the holistic treatment of Women's Health issues, incorporating the concepts of mind, body, and spirit into the healing of her female patients. She is fascinated by the science behind the mind-body connection, and has seen amazing results when patients tap into their full potential.

As the Director, Wellness and Travel Programs, Raynetta's mission is to leverage her knowledge of exercise, nutrition and complementary therapies (meditation, reiki, mindfulness) to improve the quality of life of female participants. Provide education, healthy examples, and opportunities to inspire health and wellness in this population.