We improvise every day of our lives. There is no script for our basic interactions with others and ourselves. That's the easy part. The rest is fun.

Enhance your creative and critical thinking in this 100% interactive, judgment-free class.  Break out of your shell while living in the moment, experiencing the back and forth between you and others.  Get rid of the 'NO' inside you and open yourself up to 'YES, AND...'

* Explore the fundamentals of improv through small group and partnership exercises

* Learn the benefits of practicing mindfulness

* Become a more confident, spontaneous performer

* Laugh and let loose

4 sessions 
April 10 - May 1
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Or, call (347) 903-3354



Westchester Yoga Arts

49 Lawton Street, 2nd Floor

New Rochelle, NY  10801

  • Meter street parking available

  • Buses to Huguenot St./Bridge St. - 7, 30, 42, 45, 60, 61, 62

  • Metro-North New Haven Line to New Rochelle Station

Class is on the 2nd floor of a walk-up building.  Shoes must be removed upon entry into the yoga studio.

Westchester Yoga Arts is a newly renovated, friendly yoga studio. For more information about their offerings, visit


Stuart teaches improvisation and storytelling at 3rd Wind Network

Stuart Nager will be your guide in this program. He has over 25 years of improv performing, directing, and teaching. Stuart created The Brothers Grinn, an interactive improvisational storytelling theater group, that ran for 12 years and brought thousands of smiles to audiences young and old. Stuart is 100% creative. On stage since the age of six through college and beyond. He is a certified NYS Theater Teacher and holds two Master's degrees: one in Educational Theater and the other in Oral Traditions and Writing. Stuart has had several stories in e-publications and will be published in a SciFi anthology in 2020.

3WN:  How did you get started in this industry?

Stuart:  I've been on stage since I was 6 years old: King Solomon at the Grand Concourse Y in the Bronx. Writing stories also began early, beyond school assignments.  Becoming a Teaching Artist,  I combined all three loves: Improv, Storytelling, and Writing.

3WN:  What is your teaching philosophy?

Stuart: I believe that once you've set the foundations, you learn more by doing. There are many ways to get students involved. I try to make it a safe space as well as a fun learning experience. Flexibility is key in all I do.

3WN:  What is your point of view about your art?

Stuart:  "No" and "I can't" are replaced by "Yes, I can!" I stress to never compare yourself or work to anyone else, classmate or professional. Writing, acting, singing, dancing and painting are all creative aspects that should be allowed to grow, especially if the person loves the art form.