Let's Make Foresight the New 20/20

Is it ironic that 20/20, a number commonly associated with perfect vision, also happened to coincide with the year that many of us didn't see coming? Did we enter this decade with such detrimental blind spots that we couldn't detect the brewing storms or did we suffer from a case of having our eyes wide shut?

While the future remains murky and the growing list of questions outpaces the answers, what this year has brought to the forefront is that we are ripe for transformation in 2020. That work starts by opening our eyes and making a more concerted effort to seek out enlightenment.  Because, when we see things more clearly, inside and out, we have a greater awareness and control over our actions and the impact we have as we walk through the world. And, that work starts with you.

Now that we are temporarily homebound, this is the opportune time to take an internal assessment. Reflect and connect with what makes you tick and step into the future with a sharpened focus on who you are and what is truly important to you. Good news - you don't have to do it alone. Join us for "The Road to Recovery: a 30-day Journal Challenge" and embark on a month-long journey including daily, guided journal prompts and three online workshops.

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