The concept of 'anti-aging' is a myth!   There is no miracle elixir capable of turning back the hands of time.  Getting older can be a hard pill to swallow, but it is inevitable nonetheless.  So, instead of trying to resist aging, how about choosing a physically and mentally active lifestyle to make the most of this third phase? 

Embracing an energized life is especially important for Baby Boomers who are living longer than previous generations and are expected to spend 20% of their lives in retirement. While working part-time and helping with the care of parents, children, and grandchildren helps Boomers keep busy, when it comes to activity, it's about quality over quantity. Maintaining a full schedule of 'to do' tasks is not the antidote to avoiding a lackluster retirement experience.


Boredom is a commonly unanticipated side effect of retirement. Without proper planning, it is easy to slip into an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle.  Sixteen hours can feel like forever in front of a TV or computer screen.  While activity is the key to staying vibrant and independent, it is equally important to not just stay busy but also fill your time with meaningful and stimulating activity.


3rd Wind Network understands that a new era of retirement is upon us.  An era, declaring:


in activities of substance. 3WN programs are customized with the contours needs o  the Baby Boomer in mind.  We offer affordable programs during convenient times at accessible locations throughout your neighborhood to help make this next phase of your life the best one yet.


How do you want to spend the next 25+ years?




Remember when art education was a standard part of the school curriculum?  It was so important for students to have an outlet where imaginations soared and creativity was encouraged. Somewhere down the line, as we age, individuality and artistic self-expression take a backseat to practicality and responsibility.  Can you remember the last time you picked up a paintbrush, stood in the spotlight onstage or tried out a brand-new recipe for the pure joy of it? Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up?


Studies have emerged connecting involvement in the arts with improved health and wellbeing, including fewer doctor visits and lower medication usage.  Participation in the arts can also serve as a fun mechanism for relaxation and stress-management, also enhancing overall well being. 


Exercising the creative muscles is important for adolescents and adults alike; if you don't use them you lose them. Neurobics, or consistent exposure to new challenges and experiences, has been proven to curb signs of mental and physical decline and are vital to sustaining a happy and healthy life.


It's time to let your imagination off the leash again!  Get your hands dirty, try something new and get back to the things that once gave your life inspiration.

3rd Wind Network provides participants with a newfound motivation to look forward to Mondays again.  3WN participants indulge in fresh and creative programs, offered by experienced and engaging instructors, designed to reignite a passion for life.  Whether for the experimental novice or someone looking to further develop a craft there is a suitable 3WN program.


Subject Areas Include:

Creative Writing

Cooking & Nutrition

Dance & Fitness

Music & Voice



Drawing, Painting, Illustration


Additional subject areas available upon demand...



Making friends isn't easy, and gets increasingly difficult with age.  Over time, the loss of social environments including school, work, team sports, friends and family causes social circles to shrink.  Unfortunately, in spite of the loss, the need for a strong social network conversely increases as time goes by.


Technology has created an even more isolated culture. Social media and home-delivery services alone have dramatically reduced interaction with the outside world. Opportunities for socialization are important to developing quality friendship networks, to provide support and encouragement during hard times and celebrate good times.


If you're open to meeting new people to enjoy a fulfilling retirement with, you are not alone.  It's time to connect with the volume of Boomers out there.  Belong to a community where your presence is valued and your contributions are welcomed.

3rd Wind Network is an interdependent community where participants are uplifted through bonds and support of one another.  Participants exchange ideas and interests with other local, mature adults in small group classes and social activities3WN connects motivated and passionate people, setting the foundation for forming relationships and getting a groove back during retirement.