Firing Up the Imagination To Create Fiction

This fiction-writing class will inspire and encourage you to begin writing or to develop the writing you've been doing in a comfortable, encouraging atmosphere. Using fun, creative exercises, plunge the depths of imagination and draw out that often shy creative spirit.  Work alongside fellow classmates to develop your own stories.  Ignite the drive to write, develop the ideas and tools you need to continue creating fiction, uncover your unique voice.

This beginner-level class is ideal for adults who have always wanted to write, or have been writing fiction, and want to develop their skills further in an interactive and constructive environment.

Learn to:

  • Write at least one short story, revised with input from peers

  • Produce several short writing pieces from imaginative writing exercises

11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Or, call (347) 903-3354




49 Lawton Street, 2nd floor

New Rochelle, NY  10801

  • Meter street parking available

  • Buses to Huguenot St./Bridge St. - 7, 30, 42, 45, 60, 61, 62

  • Metro North- New Haven Line to New Rochelle Station

Class is on the 2nd floor of a walk up building.  Shoes must be removed upon entrance to the yoga studio.

*Westchester Yoga Arts is a newly renovated, friendly yoga studio.  For more information about their offerings, please visit http://www.westchesteryogaarts.com


Kenneth Valenti spent almost 30 years as a newspaper reporter and now works in public relations and promotions.  But long before he began his professional life, he was writing.  Ken has published several short stories, taught writing and runs a monthly open mic night in downtown New Rochelle for people to read poetry, fiction and memoir.

3WN:  How did you get started in this industry?

Ken:  I have always loved writing.  Always!  As a kid, I would sit on my family's living room couch, scribbling away in notebook after notebook.  Since then, I have spent 30 years in newspaper reporting and public relations - careers that have given me plenty of fuel for my fiction, and that have taught me many different styles of writing.

3WN:  Do you have a writing philosophy?

Ken:  The best advice I could ever give to a beginning writer is this: Write! Just keep writing.  You will find your voice and your style in good time.  (Our class will help with that.) But most importantly, keep going.

Sometimes writing comes easily, sometimes you have to force it.  But, when I have a story that I'm emotionally invested in (as we should be in all our stories) I just can't stop.  Many times, I have popped a CD into my computer for background music while I write.  Often, I want to hear one song in particular.  But after I put the CD in and wait for my song, I realize that I actually missed it and the CD has stopped playing because I just wrote for 45 minutes with no awareness of what was going on around me.

3WN:  Do you have a particular subject matter you enjoy writing or reading about?

Ken:  I tend to write mainly about relationships.  I am known for creating strong female characters.  And while I never intended it, a lot of my stories turn on elements of myth or fantasy.  Ghost stories that may or may not actually occur, a mermaid stone that transforms back into an actual mermaid, etc.

3WN:  Any final words?

Ken:  It is valuable to find a writing circle in your life.  Take classes, join writing groups and read at open mic nights to get input, feedback and support.  Remember that, in the end, your story is yours alone.  But don't dismiss the help and support that is all around you.